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xXbossXx. 03-09-2011 03:13 PM

Call of Duty: Black Ops :D

هاااااي 03-09-2011 03:27 PM


المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة xxbossxx. (المشاركة 515700)
call of duty: Black ops :d

اي جزء او هدا اسم الاصدار؟

xXbossXx. 03-09-2011 04:46 PM

هذا اخر جزء .. اسمه كذا

هاااااي 03-09-2011 05:08 PM


المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة xXbossXx. (المشاركة 515741)
هذا اخر جزء .. اسمه كذا

طيب هدا على الpc ولا جهاز العاب ؟

xXbossXx. 03-09-2011 05:19 PM

فــــــــــــي عــــــــــــلــــــــــى الــــ pc

هاااااي 03-09-2011 05:42 PM


المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة xXbossXx. (المشاركة 515758)
فــــــــــــي عــــــــــــلــــــــــى الــــ pc

والله مادري هي تنفعك هاذي اولا

Call of Duty

Enabling Cheat Mode:

Update by:Alkham Court
1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : ZamCo

In order to enable cheats to be used with the single player version of
Call of Duty, you must follow these steps:
1.Right click on the Call of Duty Single Player shortcut and select
2.In the "Target" field enter(w/o quotes)
"+set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
(i.e. "C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDSP.exe" +set thereisacow 1337 +set
developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0)

3.Start up COD, press the tilde key (~) to enter console.
4.Enter the below cheats for desired effect.
Resut Code
Spawn indicated item give
Full health give health
Get all items give all
Ammunition give ammo
Invincibility god
Ignored by enemy notarget
No clipping mode noclip
Toggle debug mode debug
Toggle developer mode developer
Fly mode ufo
Teleport to a specific map node jumptonode
Suicide kill
List all cvars cvarlist
Dump all cvars to console cvardump
Reset all cvars cvar_restart
List all console commands cmdlist
List all shaders of current map shaderlist
List all images of current map imagelist
List all sounds currently used snd_list
List all entities currently used entitylist
List all currently bound keys bindlist
View graphics information gfxinfo
Save game savegame
Load saved game loadgame
Reset variable to default value reset
Play a cinematic file cinematic
Set crosshair transparency; default is 1.0 cg_crosshairAlpha
Set gravity value; default is 800 g_gravity
Set HUD transparency; default is 1.0 cg_hudAlpha
Set second that dead bodies remain onscreen ai_corpsecount
Set shellshock duration cg_shellshock
Set skill level g_gameSkill
Set weapon knockback power; default is 1000 g_knockback
Show miss distance when hitting NPCs cg_showMiss
Spawn indicated model testmodel
Toggle AI g_ai
Toggle bullet debug mode g_debugBullets
Toggle bullet marks cg_marks
Toggle console debugging. con_debug
Toggle crosshair cg_drawCrosshair
Toggle ejecting shells cg_brass
Toggle entity bounding boxes g_drawEntBBoxes v
Toggle fog r_fog
Toggle framerate displae cg_drawFPS
Toggle FX fx_draw
Toggle FX debugging. fx_debug
Toggle FX freezing fx_freeze
Toggle fx. If set to 0, fx will be disabled fx_enable
Toggle game timer cg_drawTimer
Toggle hit debug mode g_debugShowHit
Toggle HUD cg_drawStatus
Toggle HUD and crosshair cg_draw2D
Toggle letterbox format cg_letterbox
Toggle NPC health display g_debugDamage
Toggle objects and backgrounds r_drawWorld
Toggle objects and NPCs r_drawEntities
Toggle player and AI movement debug mode g_debugMove
Toggle player and AI movement debugging. cl_debugMove
Toggle rendring cg_noRender
Toggle shadows. cg_shadows
Toggle spawning g_spawnai
Toggle subtitles cg_subtitles
Toggle third person view cg_thirdPerson
Toggle vehicle debug mode g_vehicleDebug
Toggle wireframe mode r_showtris
Unknown testgun
Unknown debug_tankall
Unknown chain
Unknown ai_nocriticalsections
Unknown cg_skybox
Unknown cg_stats
Unknown cg_noPredict
Unknown cg_selectPlayer
Unknown cg_tracerChance
Unknown cg_ignore
Unknown cl_run
Unknown cl_running
Unknown dmflags
Unknown g_changelevel_time

Map names:

Play indicated map map

Map names:


1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : bart

dont use + set developer 1 in cheat line
when u modify the *.exe. because u get anoing text on your screen.
yust use +set thereisacow 1337 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0
and it will work

Cheat activation method for the demo:

1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : Sham

The cheat activation method for the demo has been disabled for the game
itself (apperently Infinity Ward dislike cheating). now it is neccesary to
add the following to the end of the target line:
" +set thereisacow 1337 +set developer 1 +set sv_cheats 1 +set monkeytoy 0"
(as usual ignore quotes" Some people have discovered issues in gameplay from
this method, for most it works fine.
Eder Dam getaway:

1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : M. Gehan Pinto

In this mission you might have noticed that sergeant waters shots are
very accurate in fact he very rarely misses a shot, Use this to your
advantage, When he gives you the panzerfaust don’t take it, decline his
offer, after the second or third offer he’ll picks it up and shoots
Bulls eye!!

Stalingrad docks:

After you meet Sergeant Borodin, he sends you first to avoid his death,
after you pass the arrive at the second checkpoint wait until he gives
the all clear to get to the ruined building Don’t rush it, if you go
before he’s ready the officer down there classifies you as a traitor
and (Ouch!!)
In this mission, your superiors order you to participate in a suicide
charge, Instead of going forward try backpedaling to the starting point
after going forward a little way,

Mp 40 submachine Gun:

This is the German counterpart to the Allied Thompson, Use the MP 40
it’s quite accurate and packs a decent punch although the mp 40 doesn’t
have a high fire rate as the Thompson it has a low recoil which allows
you to fire at a target some distance away with decent accuracy

Mp 44:

This perhaps, is the world’s first assault rifle, in cod 1 you first
encounter this amazing weapon in the British mission "Pegasus day"
When you see this drop everything necessary to take this
You’ll soon see why

Brecourt: Easy kills:

Tossing a grenade into the final courtyard will blow up all the Nazis just
as they spawn

POW Camp: Deadly crossfire:

On the way back, just before you get to the truck, there are three ways to
get back to Foley; the alley closest to you, the alley furthermost from you,
and the alley in between. You can play around with the alleys and their
triggers by running back to the common areas and going down a different alley.
By doing this, your men will get caught in a three way crossfire.

Hidden comment:

In Burnville (the second map), when you have to go into the church to knock
out the two machine gunners and the antiaircraft fire, do not go to the church.
Instead, stay behind the big tomb with a cross on it and throw grenades over
the wall to where the two machine gunners and antiaircraft guns would be (the
corner of where the walls meet above it). Keep throwing them until someone
says "Way to chuck, Private".

Burnville: Extra machine gunner:

You can lean from the wall to take out the two MG42S guarding the first flak
gun. Doing so will cause a new machine gunner to spawn, but will cause your
men to charge forward anyway, leading to a huge pile up of bodies and extra
BAR ammunition. Your men will eventually take out the extra gunner.

Boot Camp: Linejumper:

Enable cheats to reach the linejumper. You can exit the same window (but you
will just fall to the ground). Using grenades to kill a jumper will stop all
the other jumpers.

Chateau: Two Moodys and Foleys:

Run through the engagement where two Nazi trucks come up and get yourself
into the chateau quickly. Moody and Foley will not unspawn. They will guard
the chateau entrance with their SMGs. Later, you will have two Moodys and
two Foleys.

Fly through building:

Go to the Berlin level. Enable the ufo code. Fly to the other side of the
level, to the big building with all the Nazis in it. Fly towards the back
right corner of the building. You will enter a blue glitched area and see
the letters "FX" floating in midair.

Three~is~out 03-09-2011 08:19 PM

هذي اتحداك تجيبها جيب اسرار لعبه un2

هاااااي 03-09-2011 08:27 PM


المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة Three~is~out (المشاركة 515856)
هذي اتحداك تجيبها جيب اسرار لعبه un2

مادري وش تقصد اكتي اسمها بالكامل

يمكن تقصد



1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : conner54

Unlimited ammunition:

Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Find the abandoned house in
the Badlands where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the
outside. Face the chimney (looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the
left side of the chimney. Blow up the TNT barrel to open a hole in the
ground with unlimited ammunition for all weapons.

Defeating Reed:

Never let Reed out of your sight. If he is by himself and you cannot see
him, he gains life.

Desecrate Hoodoo's corpse:

After you defeat Hoodoo, there will be a intermission sequence showing him
dead standing up in a coffin. After the sequence, he will still be in west
empire standing in the grave. You can take out your doublebarrel shotgun
and shoot him a few times in some areas. You can shoot off his head, arm,
and both of his legs. leaving a corpse floating in an upright coffin.

Dual Peacemakers:

Defeat Reed.

Easy money:

You can make more money on the bounty hunter side missions by capturing
bounties alive. When you find a wanted poster that offers more money if
you capture them alive and are having trouble doing so, use the following
trick. Kill all gang members or bodyguards (if any). If the bounty is on
a horse, kill the horse. Get close and melee attack. This will stun the
fugitive and present an opportunity to grab them. Then, subdue the fugitive.
This awards you more money for each bounty. If you accidentally release him,
you can try to melee him and grab him again. However, if you do this too
many times or if he has been shot, you may kill him and get less money.

Easy poker game wins:

When you are playing Texas Hold 'em inside the Alhambra, you can easily
win with or without a good hand. Raise the bid to the maximum. This should
make at least one to three players fold. You can then cheat to make your
hand better, and if it is a worse card, forget about the cheat card and go
back to your original hand. Afterwards, keep checking your hands until one
of you wins. It should be you most of the time. Do not worry if you lose;
the tournaments are free.

End of poker cheating:

When playing Texas Hold 'em after the tournaments in the Alhambra, you will
no longer have the option of cheating.

Faster riding:

Hold [Dash] while repeatedly jumping your horse to travel about double the


Successfully complete story mode to unlock Reed's armored horse, Magruder's
seven barrel Nock gun, and the Cannon Nock gun.

Successfully complete Pony Express to unlock silver spurs.

Successfully complete Hunting to unlock the Apache shirt.


1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , : Shankar J
Email :

How to beat Magruder in the final:

After u kill Duchie,the right hand of Magruder,then ur quest 4 Magruder begins in
his mine,after many kills u ll meet magruder in the lost city of gold. When u face
directly with Magruder u ll be killed after some time,so u run staight towards the
pillar when the mission starts,when u reach the pillar u can see some space behind
it, u ll be safe there.Then u should equip urself with dynamiteBow then aim to the
volcanic site with can cause expolsion damage to Magruder,since he is invinsible
to dynamite, so this method can be used to decrease his health to three fourth of
his life.Then Magruder goes to the balcony like struture, there he throws dynamite.
When u shoot bullets @ him,he will become angry and will throw dynamite pack which
is stronger than the ordinary dynamite so here use ur Quickdraw to blast that dynamite
until that balcony becomes unstable so that rocks fall on Magruder to complete ur
revenge.After completing this mission u ll get Magruder's
seven barrel Nock gun. N'joy PlayiNg..


1607 ,1584 ,1575 , 1575 ,1604 ,1603 ,1608 ,1583 , 1576 ,1608 ,1575 ,1587 ,1591 ,1577 , ; Shankar J
Email :

How to become INVINSIBLE:

After u finish the whole game u ll be able to unlock Magruder's nock cannon and Reed's
armoured Stallion.U can find the stallion in the magruder's Mine, when u load the game
u ll find urself in the magruder's
mine with the stallion. the Stallion is the fastest of all the horses. It's health will
not decrease when v r in the attack area.So when ur on the Stallion,ur INVINSIBLE..

Whiskey cache:

Go to Dodge City. Go to the lower part of the bridge. Follow the path on the other
side to reach a beach cave. Look inside for whiskey which will reappear over time
after you leave the area. Note: The cave also contains ammunition and money.

Go to the Indian Hunter's hut, which you can find on your map. Once there, go to the
building to the left of the hut, with the stairs going up the side. Go up the first
set of stairs, and continue going straight. You should see a spouttype object coming
out of the side of the building. Jump onto that spout, and walk toward the wall of
the building. If done correctly, you should go through the wall, and into the inside
of the house. There is only a small ledge for you to drop onto inside, so move slowly.
Once inside, look to your left and you should see three whiskey bottles on the ground.
You can pick these up as many times as desired and they will never go away.

Securing the bridge:

Use the following trick to quickly finish the fire arrow level of securing the bridge.
When shooting arrows, choose a spot for the crosshairs that lets you shoot the arrows
that come from different directions. When the Indians jump over the wall do not shoot.
Run around the TNT then kill them with melee attacks. When Quick Killer appears, only
shoot when he is right away from the barrels. You are better off just using melee and
your flask. Quick Killer is not too difficult to defeat.

Hunting side missions:

When doing the hunting side missions, on the third animal to hunt (should be a wolf),
just go to the Indian salesman. Talk to him (you do not need to buy anything). Exit
from the conversation, then immediately crouch. You should get a message stating that
the wolf is near. Walk toward the lake and he should be on your right hand side.
If not, he is somewhere close.

Ammunition cache:

Take a barrel of TNT from the Badlands mine. Find the abandoned house in the Badlands
where the buffalo graze. Go to the back of the house on the outside. Face the chimney
(looking west) and place the TNT barrel on the left side of the chimney.
Blow up the TNT barrel to open a hole in the ground with ammunition for all weapons.
The ammunition will reappear over time after you leave the area.

Mission select:

Successfully complete the game. Go back to the first area in the game (Blackfoot
Territory). Locate the higher boulder that leads up to a ledge and a gap. While on
a horse at the left side of that boulder, jump and use your spurs until you land
on top of the boulder. Then, get onto the ledge. Ride across the next two areas.
Then stop between the two rocks in the water. Hold V + + C + [Space] + Left
Mouse Button until the confirmation sound is played. Enter the options screen and a
new option named "Gun" will appear. Once selected, you can replay any main mission
or side mission (from checkpoints if desired), view the intermission sequences, and
toggle the help messages. Note: You will have your current weapons, items, and skills
when a mission is replayed.
Replay Any Mission or Cutscene:

When you have completed the game go back to the Blackfoot Territory at the start of
the game and go to the left of the higher boulder which leads up to the ledge which
has the gap (to get there you have to spur your horse). Then cross the next two
areas you come across and when you are in the water stand between the two rocks
and press and hold V (Throw weapon) + Shift (Crouch) + LMB (Draw weapon) + C
(Quickdraw) + Space (Jump) and after several seconds you will hear a confirmation
sound if you entered the code correctly. When you now go to the 'Main' menu for a
new selection Gun you will be able to select any mission or cutscene and keep
ALL weapons, Skills and items you may of had.

Three~is~out 03-09-2011 08:41 PM

ههههه لالا Uncharted2

هاااااي 03-09-2011 09:04 PM

ادا ماكانت الي بالسيقا ههه

Uncharted Waters 2 New Horizons

Name yourself "Black Beard" and no pirate will attack you.


Use the following coordinates to find the corresponding

Location Coordinates

Village 10N 90E
London 53N 0E
Map 5N 150E
Hamburg Gunnery school Unknown
Sofala 17S 34E
Venice Cartographer guild Unknown
Tunnis 37N 10E
Rumor 0N 5E
Luanda 8S 12E
Malindi 3S 39E
Santa Cruz 28N 17W
Eville 37N 6W
Ceylon 8N 80E
Pisa Duke of modena Unknown
Cisco Alvarez Pernambuco 11S 44W
Unknown 5S 90W
Unknown 50S 50W
Dublin 54N 7W
Azor 47N 38E
Aurmaline 15S 36E
Sakai 35N 135E

هاااااي 03-13-2011 07:41 PM


المشاركة الأصلية كتبت بواسطة carltonwo (المشاركة 517286)
windows 7 32bit upgrade is for people who are already running windows 7 home basic serial key or windows vista and want to upgrade to microsoft windows 7 cd key. It is less costly than the full version of windows 7 product key, but you must already have a legal license for xp or vista. (note: Only vista allows you to perform a true upgrade, with xp you can use the upgrade license but you have to wipe your existing windows 7 home premium 64bit installation out during the procedure).

والله مادري وش تبي بس ماتوقع انك تبي غي رالدعايه رجاء حط الدعايه موضوع اخر ++
الي بعدو ^_^

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