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  1. اموووله
    07-04-2010 10:10 PM
    العفووو ولووو ما سويت شي انت اخونا الجديد وهلا بكـ نورتنا (:

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  • التوقيع
    i hear voices in my head
    the council me
    they understand
    they talk to me!

    you got your rules and your religion
    all designed to keep you safe
    but when rules start getting broken
    you start questioning your faith
    i have a voice that is my savior
    hates to love and loves to hate
    i have the voice that has the knowledge
    and the power to rule your fate

    i hear voices crying
    i see heroes dying
    i taste the blood thats drying
    i feel the tension rising


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